Sergeant chevrons are technically referred to as non-subdued, sew-on grade insignia and feature three golden, embroidered chevrons on either a blue, white, or green background. Chevrons on a blue background are sewn on to both sleeves of the Army Service / Dress uniform jacket and the Blue Mess jacket, while insignia on a white background is used for the jacket worn with the White Mess Dress uniform. Please double-check your selection in the drop-down box to the right to ensure you order the Sergeant chevron that meets your specific uniform need.

We also offer gold Sergeant chevrons embroidered on a green background for wear on the the Class A Army green uniform. Although it is no longer authorized for wear by members of the Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, the Army Green uniform is extremely popular among many veterans and uniform collectors and afficionados. “Army Greens” are also sought by the heads of wardrobe departments at TV and film production companies working on projects set during the period when the Class A Army green was the uniform most closely affiliated with Army service.


Although Corporals are Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and have the authority to command the Army’s smallest tactical groups, fireteams, it is the rank of Sergeant that is most closely associated with the hands-on command, leadership, and guidance of enlisted personnel. That’s why the Army moves away from the relatively “automated” process of promotion from a recruit (E-1) to a Specialist E-4 when it comes to promoting Specialists and Corporals to Sergeant E-5. Among the benchmarks (but by no means all) a candidate must meet for consideration to promotion to Sergeant are Time in Service and Time in Grade requirements, graduation from NCO education training courses, completion of Self-Development Courses, and accumulation of promotion points.

However, even candidates who have fulfilled every prerequisite and proven their capabilities might have to wait for advancement. That’s because the number of enlisted personnel in a given MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) at each pay grade is limited; if all the E-5 positions are filled, would-be Sergeants must wait until an opening occurs due to advancement, retirement, or (very rarely) disciplinary action.

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