Embroidered in black on a swatch of camouflage-pattern fabric, our ACU Sergeant rank insignia comes in three different styles available in two different camouflage pattterns. Choose “Rank with Velcro” for wear on the Army Combat Uniform, A2CU (Army Aircrew Combat Uniform), and Maternity Work Uniform. Select “Cap Rank” for the ACU Sergeant insignia appropriately sized to be sewn onto the Patrol Cap and “Gortex” for the more narrow insignia designed to fit on the tab on the front of the ECWCS parka. Under "Patterns," UCP was the original camouflage scheme devised for the Army Combat Uniform in 2004, while OCP is a new pattern for the ACU and other utility uniforms the Army began issuing in July 2015. (ACUs made with the UCP camo have a wear-out date of 30 September 2019.)

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The origins of the word Sergeant can be traced to the Middle Ages and the Latin word serviens, which means “to serve” or “be a slave to” and was used to describe someone serving as an assistant to a knight or person of nobility during the Middle Ages and therefore accompanied his master everywhere. Of course, “everywhere” for knights and noblemen during that period sometimes included the field of battle, as explained in the famous Air Force monograph Why is the Colonel Called “Kernal?”
He [the Sergeant] became an experienced warrior who might ride a horse but was not wealthy enough to afford all the equipment and retainers to qualify as a knight….He might be called upon to take charge of a group of serfs or other common people forced to serve in an army of feudal levies. The Sergeant would conduct what training he could to teach his charges to fight, lead them into battle and, most important, keep them from running away during a battle. Sergeant was not a rank, but an occupation….

It’s unclear precisely Sergeant became a name for an official military rank—most sources just say this took place in France “the 1300s”—but it was firmly entrenched as a British rank (along with Corporal) by the time the Continental Army was established in 1775 and was incorporated as an integral component in the fledgling American army. Each of the six companies raised by Congress through a resolution on June 14, 1775 were to have four “serjeants,” a spelling that was used alongside “sergeant” throughout the Revolutionary War and into the early nineteenth century

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