Our Sergeant tie tack features the rank insignia of three chevrons rendered in gold with two bands of black enamel between them. While Army regulations do not call for a tie tack reflecting the wearer’s, neither do they prohibit one: all that is required is that the design of the tie tack or clasp be considered “conservative,” and that the tie tack is worn only with the four-in-hand tie tied in a four-in-hand, Windsor, or half-Windsor knot. Ties should extended to no less than two inches above the top of the belt buckle, but not past its bottom.

When coupled with Staff Sergeants (E-6), Sergeants make up nearly one-third of the Army’s enlisted force, and Sergeants E-5 alone account for almost one in five enlisted personnel. Sergeants E-5 are usually the first NCO leader that junior enlisted personnel will report to, which means that they have an enormous impact on how those Soldier view their careers and future leaders under which they will serve.

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In tactical operations, Infantry Sergeants E-5 typically serve as fire team leaders, with two fire teams combining to make a rifle squad that is commanded by a Staff Sergeant. As head of the fire team, the Sergeant literally leads by example, assuming the foremost position in the fire team’s formation as it advances (Sergeants serving as fire team leaders also select paths of advancement and formation type).

But the responsibilities of Sergeants start long before he is in command of Soldiers in the field. Sergeants are tasked with the responsibility of insuring that all members of their units are competent in their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and that all the gear, weapons, and ammo issued to their Soldiers is not only accounted for, but also properly maintained. When the unit is on duty status, the Sergeant must be ready to report on the activity and location of all the unit’s members.

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