The sew-on grade insignia for Corporals consists of two gold chevrons that are worn on each sleeve of Service/Dress Uniforms (ASU and AGSU), as well as on both the Blue and White Mess jackets. It's referred to as nonsubdued cloth grade insignia to distinguish it from the black grade insignia set against a camouflage background uses on the Army Combat Uniform and other Utility uniforms.

Currently, the Army authorizes three colored backgrounds—blue, white, and Heritage Green—upon which the two gold-colored Corporal’s chevrons are embroidered. Blue is worn on the ASU Coat and the Blue Mess Jacket; white backgrounds are for White Mess Jackets; and Heritage Green, the newest addition is, for the Army Green Service Uniform introduced in 2018.

In the Fabric selection box to the right, you'll also see an option for a Green background for wear with the old Class A/B Army Green Uniform (wear-out date 30 September 2015).

We take it for granted today that chevrons are an indication of rank, but their original purpose as military insignia was to reflect years of good or honorable service in the British and French armies of the 17th century. Similarly, General George Washington issued an order in August 1782 in which he declared that a “narrow piece of white cloth, of an angular form…to be fixed to the left arm of the uniform coat” of those Soldiers and NCOs who had served with “bravery, fidelity and good conduct” for at least three years.”

Though clearly more related to today’s service stripes than chevrons, some respected military historians and uniform researchers point to these good-conduct insignia as the forerunners of grade insignia, which preeminent Army uniform and insignia expert William K. Emerson says have been in use since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

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