Army regulations state that “Male soldiers may wear a conservative tie tack or clasp with a necktie,” specifically the four-in-hand tie that is a clothing-bag issue item. Our Corporal tie tack features two gold-colored chevrons indicating the lowest NCO rank set upon a black enamel background. Regulations are silent as to the placement of the tie tack on the tie, but in light of the instructions found in AR 670-1—“ Soldiers will keep uniforms buttoned, zipped, and snapped”—it should be placed just below the Windsor, half-Windsor, or four-in-hand knot if you wish it to be seen.


The origin of the title of Corporal can be traced to 15th-century Italian army formations known as squadra, which is literally translated as “square” but came to refer to a team or squad. At the head of these small tactical groups was a capo (boss or head), thus capo de squadra. Somehow, this phrase was shortened to caporale in Italian and caporal in French, in both cases referring to a low-ranking NCO exercising command over privates; by the time it reached British and American shores, it had been transformed into our word "Corporal."

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In today’s U.S. Army, Corporal is the lowest grade of Noncommissioned Officer and can command a four-person Fire Team. In contrast, the very first companies of “expert riflemen” authorized by Congressional resolution on June 14, 1775 had four sergeants, four corporals and sixty-eight privates, a 1:17 ratio (assuming that the number of privates was equally divided among the corporals and placed under their command).

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