Nonsubdued (gold) sew-on rank insignia for Command Sergeants Major are worn on the jackets of the Mess Dress (blue and white) and Army Service / Dress Uniforms, sewn onto the jacket sleeves mid-way between the shoulder seam and the elbow.

At The Salute Uniforms, we offer Command Sergeant Major chevrons embroidered on three types of fabric that match the uniform on which they’re to be worn. White fabric is employed for White Mess jacket insignia, and blue for all other current dress uniform jackets (Blue Mess, Army Service / Dress). We also offer insignia embroidered on green fabric for wear on the now-discontinued Class A Army green uniform so veterans can fully restore their old dress uniforms to their full glory.

You can also choose between Large and Small insignia (the Army eliminated “Male” and “Female” insignia in 1996). Personnel are allowed to choose the size they wish to wear in order to achieve the best appearance.

In crafting the role of the Command Sergeant Major (CSM), the Army gave the position many of the same types of responsibilities as those of the Sergeant Major of the Army, which was established just a year earlier. Just as the Sergeant Major of the Army is to serve as a direct conduit from the enlisted cadre to the highest levels of the command structure, the CSM’s  primary focus is all matters affecting enlisted personnel. Gathering information and seeking input from NCOs and even junior enlisted personnel, the CSM then assesses the situation with the wisdom and insight gained from many years of service in order to offer and advice and suggest recommendations to both the commander and the staff.

Additionally, the CSM is also tasked with upholding military traditions and customs and passing them along to the next generation of NCOs to encourage the organization’s esprit de corps and desire to live up to the proud heritage of their forebears.

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