Subdued sew-on Command Sergeant Major (CSM) insignia are manufactured in a variety of ways to accommodate the different uniforms with which they are worn. Use the drop-down selection box to the right to choose the type of insignia you’re looking for.

Rank with Velcro feature the CSM insignia embroidered on rectangular swatch of cloth manufactured in the ACU camouflage pattern with a hook-and-loop backing (Velcro) used to secure it to hook-and-loop pads on Utility uniforms. In 2011, the Army gave Soldiers the option of sewing embroidered grade insignia directly onto Utility uniforms, but those who take this route must also sew on their nametapes and the U.S. Army tape.

Our Cap Rank insignia also features the CSM insignia embroidered onto a swatch of cloth featuring a camouflage pattern, but it is sewn directly onto a Patrol Cap or Sun Hat (boonie) rather than being attached with Velcro. You should also select this option if you wish to sew on your grade insignia on a Utility uniform.

"Gortex" is shorthand for the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System jacket. Choose this type of insignia to receive a CSM insignia that sliders over the front tab found on the ECWCS parka.

"Pattern" refers to the camouflage pattern used on the insignia. Select UCP for ACUs and other utility uniforms using the Universal Camouflage Pattern, which the Army began to phase out in 2015 but which is still authorized for wear. Choose OCP for uniforms manufactured with the Operational Camouflage Pattern introduced in July 2015 and which will be mandatory on 1 October 2019.

The Army’s extensive system of professional education programs for its Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) was, to a certain degree, born out of necessity. During the Vietnam War, it became apparent very quickly that the conflict would involve NCOs exercising much higher levels of authority and even command responsibilities than during World War II or The Korean War. Unlike the massive lines of battle during the Second World War, the jungle combat in Vietnam meant actions would companies, platoons, and squads, with NCOs given much the hands-on control. Due to a variety of factors, including combat attrition and limited tours (12 months), the Army faced a serious shortage of NCOs.

To facilitate the rapid training and deployment of NCOs, the Army established the Infantry Non-commissioned Officers Course in 1967 at Fort Benning; attendees were selected from Soldiers who exhibited exemplary performance and leadership traits during basic training, and were trained extensively in leadership duties before being deployed to Vietnam to head up teams and squads. Although some NCOs who had risen through the ranks over course of several years tended to look down upon these “Shake and Bake” NCOs, the concept of specialized training in leadership for NCOs was seen as one that needed to be pursued in more depth.

This led to the establishment of the NCOES, or Noncommissioned Officers Education System in 1969 (actual training did not start until 1971), and ultimately the Sergeant Majors Academy at Fort Bliss, TX in 1972. Over the years, the Sergeant Majors Academy expanded its scope, and is home to the Advanced Leaders Course attended by Sergeants and Staff Sergeants seeking advancement to higher enlisted grades. In 1989, the Academy introduced the Command Sergeant Major Course, an intensive one-week course designed to acclimate Sergeants Major in the unique duties and responsibilities of the CSM position. This course was moved to Fort Leavenworth in 2006.

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