One of the most distinct aspects of the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) insignia is the wreath that encircles the gold star in the field between the chevrons and arcs. A symbol of excellence, achievement, and dedication, the wreath is emblematic of the vision and hard work logged by Sergeants Major (SGMs) that earned them this position of trust and responsibility.

In short, the wreath that distinguishes SMs from SGMs is indeed something to be proud of, and there’s probably no more refined way of displaying that pride than wearing a CSM tie tack with the four-in-hand tie. When worn with the Class A Army Service Uniform, place he tie tack midway between the topmost button of the ASU jacket and the knot (four-in-hand, Windsor, and half-Windsor configurations are authorized for this tie).

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But our CSM tie tack truly stands out when it’s worn with the service shirt—long- or short-sleeved—of the Class B Service uniform. Position it near the fourth button from the top, and the gold-on-black chevrons, star, and wreath will stand out prominently on the white shirt while actually serving the truly useful function of preventing your tie from flopping about.

At this point, we typically remind customers to adjust the length of their tie to satisfy the specifications listed in DA 670-1, but we have a sneaking suspicious that CSMs savvy enough to round out their dress-uniform wardrobe with this tasteful accouterment will have long ago mastered that particular technique.

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