Sailors serving in the Legalman (LN) rating can work in one of three jobs: Law Office Clerks, Law Office Specialists, or Paralegals.

As assistants to attorneys and paralegals, Law Office Clerks handle the preparation and processing of a wide variety of legal documents, from summonses, subpoenas, and appeals to complaints, pleadings, motions, pretrial agreements, and legal assistance paperwork. Other duties include but are not limited to scheduling appointments, receiving and making phone calls, organizing case files, maintain law libraries, performing information collection, taking notes during legal meetings, and researching judicial decisions and case law.

Law Office Specialists are the JAG’s conduit for clients in need of Personal Representation, Legal Assistance, and Defense. They draft many of the documents which Clerks process (summonses, subpoenas, etc.), and handle the payment of witness and adjudicated claims. With more experience that Clerks, Law Office Specialists are equipped to carry out more advanced legal research, as well serve as a source of legal advice to commanders seeking information on military justice and administrative procedures and measures.

Working independently or directly under the supervision of an attorney, Paralegals perform much of the hands-on work associated with the defense or prosecution of legal cases, including research that determines what type of judicial process is most appropriate. Their in-depth legal research into judicial precedents, statutory applications, legal opinions, and other topics gives attorneys the requisite background material needed to settle on strategies and approaches. They draft documents requiring extensive background in business and tax law such as contracts, separation agreements, mortgages, and trust-formation papers. Paralegals act as Managers of Law Offices, and as such they supervise and train Clerks and Specialists.


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