One of the highest honors for Sailors serving in the Yeoman rating (YN) is to be chosen for consideration as a Flag Officer (FO) Writer or simply Flag Writer. Flag Writers work on the personal staffs of flag officers, general officers, and top-level civilians, assisting them with administrative and clerical work so they can focus their attention on more pressing and important issues. Duties include drafting correspondence (professional and personal), responding in matters of protocol, honor, ceremonies, and other social affairs, and the preparation of Officer Fitness Reports.

To serve as a Flag Writer, Sailors must have reached the rate of Yeoman First Class (paygrade E6) with at least six of total service or one year of active duty at the current paygrade. Excellent verbal communication skills are essential, as is the ability to handle stress and long working hours (the Navy recommends that Sailors who are single parents or who have spouses serving in the military should “give due consideration to assignment policies” before applying for the Flag Writer program). Additionally, a Flag Writer’s conduct must be above approach. A full list of the requirements and an explanation of the interview process is found in MILPERSMAN 1306-913.

Yeomen First Class chosen for the Flag Writer Program receive a Permanent Change of Station order to attend the Yeoman “C” School at the Naval Technical Training Center in Meridian, Mississippi. Originally established in 1960, the YN “C” School underwent a series of closures, relocations, and reestablishments before it was permanently located in Meridian in 2002. Here, Yeomen spend five weeks studying a variety of subjects necessary to perform their duties efficiently, including English Composition and Grammar, Office Management, Social Usage and Protocol, Honors and Ceremonies, and Flag Officer Schedules and Travel. Graduates earn NEC 2514, Flag Officer (FO) Writer certification, and immediately begin a 36-month billet. The assignment is based on the location of the officer whom the Flag Writer reports to, with no consideration of the Yeoman sea/shore rotational status.

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