To become eligible for accession to Chief Warrant Officer Ship’s Clerk, a Yeoman must first reach the rate of Chief Petty Officer and serve at that grade for a full year. This in itself is no mean feat; the average Yeoman will have served nearly fourteen years before making it to the E7 paygrade (thirteen years and nine months, to be more exact). But those seeking to become eligible for the CWO program as soon as possible can hasten the day only so much. Yeoman candidates seeking consideration for promotion to Ship’s Clerk must have served at least a dozen years (but not more than twenty-two). Last but not least, Yeomen must be recommended for consideration to be promoted to Ship’s Clerk by their Commanding Officer.

These requirements mean very few Yeomen ever make the transition to CWO—and the odds of any particular Yeoman becoming a Ship’s Clerk are made a bit longer by the fact they are competing against Sailors from six other ratings for a mere handful of slots that open in the 741x CWO designator every year.

Besides Yeomen, other ratings for which Ship’s Clerk is the CWO path of advancement include Personnel Specialist, Navy Counselor (actually two service ratings, Recruiter and Career), Religious Program Specialist, and Legalman. Things were even more competitive in 2009, when Hospital Corpsmen who had administrative experience were also considered for the 741x designator. (By 2011, HM was no longer listed as source rating for Ship’s Clerk.)
The Navy Personnel Command Web site no longer lists the 741x designator on its Web site; the analogous LDO designator, 641x (Administration) is still open. It should be noted, however, that both lists have not been updated since they were drastically reduced in March, 2015.

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