Army regulations specify that the gold E-2 Private Chevron—or "nonsubdued sew-on grade insignia," to be more precise—is to be manufactured on a white or background. The chevron on a white background is worn exclusively on the White Mess jacket, and the golden chevron on blue is worn on each sleeve of the jackets of the Army Service and Blue Mess Uniforms.

At The Salute Uniforms, we also offer the Private Chevron on a green background for wear on the jacket of the now-discontinued Army green Class A uniform, affectionately referred to as “Army Greens” and a popular choice for retired Army servicemembers.

The Private chevron is centered between the shoulder seam and the elbow. Soldiers may choose between the Large and Small sizes of the insignia regardless of the jacket on which it is to be sewnn.

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The single chevron now used as the rank insignia for the E-2 Private grade was originally introduced in 1920 as the rank insignia for Privates First Class (PFC). Until that time, PFC rank insignia had no chevron, consisting instead of simply the branch insignia; Privates, on the other hand, had no rank insignia at all. A 1919 Secretary of War order mandated that the PFC insignia would include a one-bar arc beneath the branch insignia, a change that was part of the Army’s attempt to reduce the confusing system or rank insignia and chevron designs that had grown unchecked from the time of the Civil War. The issue had become pressing: During World War War I, there were over seventy different Army chevron designs, and even with the elimination of numerous temporary wartime ranks that number still remained over fifty by 1919.

But the change to the PFC insignia, along with other Army plans to streamline its insignia system, was never effected—and Congressional action in 1920 ensured they never would be. In a drastic move, Congress “simplified” the pay structure of the U.S. military by creating just seven enlisted pay grades, and the Army responded by designing generic chevrons to reflect six of those grades in its enlisted rank. The rank of Private First Class (E-2) was assigned a single chevron; the lowest Army rank, Private E-1, wore no rank insignia at all.

It was not until 1968 that the Department of the Army assigned the single chevron as the rank insignia for Privates E-2, and added an arc—what many folks call a “rocker”—underneath a lone chevron and designated it for wear by Privates First Class E-3.

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