Worn optionally with the Army Service Uniform (ASU), our service cap for Field Grade officers in the Army’s Aviation branch is manufactured to meet or exceed all Army specifications. Manufactured in Army Shade 450 to match the ASU, the service cap’s visor features a brilliant gold bullion finish on the visor and a hatband in the Aviation branch colors of ultramarine blue (cable 65010) and golden orange (cable 65003). We do not sell used or previously issued service caps—they are all manufactured new and ship mounted and ready to wear.
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Until recently, Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, and Colonels were designated as Field Grade officers, not only in the Army but also in the Air Force and Marine Corps. In 2014, however, the U.S. Army issued a rapid revision of Army Regulation 600-20 that created a new classification,
“Senior Field Grade Officers,” consisting only of Colonels. This new classification codified something that was already known but not explicitly stated, namely that Colonels are the most senior of the group of officers designated as “Field Grade.” The rapid revision makes no other remarks regarding the new designation.

Along with the creation of the Senior Field Grade Officers category, the rapid revision also established a hierarchy for Chief Warrant Officers (CW) and Warrant Officers (WO). A Chief Warrant Officer Five, or CW5, is now classified as a “Senior Field Grade Warrant Officer,” while CW4 and CW3 officers are considered “Field Grade Warrant Officers.” Under the new system, CW1s and Warrant Officers are called “Company Grade Warrant Officers.”

The new classifications extend to regulations regarding uniform wear. Chief Warrant Officers at the pay grade of W-3 and higher now have the option to purchase and wear the Field Grade service cap, while W-2 and lower may opt for the Company Grade cap. And while Colonels may enjoy their new designation as Senior Field Grade Officers, they are still authorized to wear the same service cap as before the new system was introduced.

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