AGSU Inventory Status Update: 15:30, 4 May 2022: Drastically diminished inventory levels and rapidly changing availability of raw materials and components of the Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) have severely impacted our ability to ship orders within our normal time frame of five business days.
Due to these factors beyond our control, customers who must receive their AGSU or AGSU component by a specific date should first contact our Customer Service department to ascertain a feasible delivery date and, if necessary, adjust their plans accordingly. You can speak with a Customer Service representative 0830–1630 EST, Monday–Friday or submit a Customer Service inquiry using the "Contact Us" feature found at the top of each page, listing all the items in your order.

There is also is good news on the horizon. U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center, more commonly referred to as simply NATICK, has authorized exceptions to procurement regulations to relieve bottlenecks and shortages in the AGSU supply chain, a move that should help us begin to return to normal shipping and handling times by the second or third week of May.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these trying times and, as always, thank you for your service to our country!

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With the introduction of the Army Green Service Uniform, the Army has officially brought back the Garrison Cap as an official uniform component, partially reversing the 2001 decision that replaced the Garrison Cap—first issued during World War I as the “overseas cap”—with the black beret (although the black beret will still be worn with the blue Army Dress Uniform).
Manufactured in the Heritage Green 564 shade, the cap is worn with its front crease centered on the forehead, with the lower portion of the cap about an inch (approximately the width of the forefinger and middle finger when held together) above the eyebrows. The ridge of the cap should be parallel to the ground when the wearer is standing at attention, and the crown of the cap may not be crushed or shaped in an attempt to form peaks at the top front or rear of the cap.
Enlisted Soldiers will wear their Distinctive Unit Insignia, or unit crest, on the left curtain of the cap, one inch from the front vertical crease and centered vertically between the bottom and top of the curtain. Officers wear their non-subdued insignia of grade in the same location.

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