The maroon beret has been recognized as the worldwide symbol of Airborne units since it was chosen for wear by the British Parachute Regiment in 1942. American Soldiers first wore the maroon beret in 1943, after British Major General Frederick Browning made a battalion of the U.S. Army’s 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment honorary members of the British Parachute Regiment and authorized them to wear the British headgear. It wasn’t until November 1980 that the Department of the Army officially authorized Airborne personnel to wear maroon berets.

Primarily authorized for all Army personnel who are assigned to Airborne units with a primary mission of Airborne operations, other Soldiers in units, formations, or organizations associated with Airborne operations, training, and recruiting are permitted to wear it. The list of qualifying units is extensive (you can find it in DA 670-1, section 18-3(b)3) and include (but are from limited to) all personnel assigned to 55th Signal Company Airborne Combat Camera Documentation Team, Recruiters of the Special Operations Recruiting Company, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, and all personnel assigned to the Airborne Procurement Team.

Soldiers authorized to wear the maroon beret wear it as standard headgear with the Army Combat Uniform in a garrison environment. Airborne personnel will wear the approved flash of the units to which they are assigned. Additionally, personnel who are authorized to wear the maroon beret have the option of wearing black combat boots with the Army Service/Dress Uniform.

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