According to historian and researcher Raymond Oliver, “Sergeant was not a rank but an occupation” in the Middle Ages. In today’s Marine Corps, it’s not only a rank and an occupation, but also a way of life—and you can show your pride in it with this eye-catching scarlet and gold tie tack.

This miniature metallic version of the three gold chevrons on scarlet background worn by Sergeants with their Dress Blues can be worn as a lapel pin or as ball-cap accessory, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to brothers-in-arms without saying a word. A great addition to a shadow box or other commemorative piece!

Note: This tie tack is designed as a commemorative accessory and is not authorized for wear with United States Marine Corps uniforms. Customers searching for Sergeant tie tacks / clasps that meet USMC uniform regulations should select the standard gold tie clasp or choose the optional-wear tack or clasp featuring the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem.

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