Gold Tie Clasps are authorized or allowed by the Army (Section 18-20c(3)(a) of DA 670-1), Marine Corps (Section 3021, Marine Corps Order P1020.34G), Navy (Article 3501.87, NAVPERS 15665I for Officers and CPOs), and the Coast Guard (Chapter 2.A.1, Military Image, COMDTINST M1020.6J). Gold Tie Clasps are worn with the long necktie (pre-tied clip-on ties are acceptable but not recommended) in accordance with the following guidelines:

Army: The only instructions regarding tie clasps is that "a conservative tie tack or tie clasp is authorized." Permitted tie knots are Windsor, half-Windsor, and four-in-hand.

Marine Corps: The clasp is always worn with the necktie when the khaki shirt is being worn as the outer garment; it may also be worn with the Service “A” uniform. In both cases, it’s positioned horizontally on the lower half of the necktie, midway between the third and fourth buttons from the top of the shirt.

Navy: It may be worn with the four-in-hand tie, and is placed one inch below the midpoint of the tie in a horizontal position. This should place it in a position that the uniform coat will cover it when buttoned (and uniform coats are required to stay buttoned).

Coast Guard: Tie clasps are aligned with the middle of the shirt pocket, a position considerably higher than that required in the Marine Corps or Navy. The tie clasp / bar should not be visible when wearing the Service Dress Blue coat.

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