Note: this tie tack is not authorized for wear by Marines on active-duty or Reserve service. For tie tacks and clasps authorized for wear with the khaki necktie, please choose the standard gold enlisted necktie tack or select. the optional enlisted tack featuring the Marine Corps emblem.

As difficult as it is to imagine the modern-day Marine Corps without Gunnery Sergeants, that was precisely the case from 1 December 1946 until 1 January 1959. Grappling to cope with an enlisted rank structure that had ballooned in size because of the need for more and more technical specialists in World War II, the Corps decided to eliminate a host of rank titles and replaced them with broad classifications; thus, Master Gunnery Sergeants—along with Master Stewards, Master Cooks, Quartermaster Sergeants, and even First Sergeants and Sergeant Majors—became simply “Master Sergeants” and Gunnery Sergeants were redubbed “Technical Sergeants” as 1946 drew to a close.

Thankfully, the addition of two new Enlisted grades in 1958 forced the Marines to again reshape the enlisted structure, and on 1 January 1959 Gunnery Sergeant was back as the E-7 rank title (along with the much beloved Lance Corporal for E-3). The Corps also took this opportunity to introduce new chevron designs for its junior enlisted, NCO, and SNCO, and it was at this time that the crossed M1 rifles were added to the Gunnery Sergeant’s rank insignia.

This Gunnery Sergeant tie tack is manufactured based on that design, and it’s the perfect way to add new pep to your favorite civilian ties. Its scarlet-and-gold color combination is as eye-catching as the shoulder insignia it’s based upon and is sure to attract the attention of comrades-in-arms and other folks who appreciate the effort and commitment necessary to wear the three stripes and two rockers. Also can be used as a lapel or hat pin, or as a thoughtful finishing touch for a shadow box.

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