The dress cap worn by a Marine Corps General is easily distinguished from a Field-Grade Officer’s by the added oak leaf ornamentation on the cloth-covered visor. Crafted with brilliant gold bullion, the stems of the two full oak leaf branches meet in the middle of the visor around a bow. Sometimes jokingly referred to as “scrambled eggs” because of their colors, the oak leaves are wonderfully defined, and the gold bullion stands out brilliantly against the black background. The cap comes with the branch of service insignia already mounted, and it of course features the legendary quatrefoil design on the crown.

According to U.S. statute, the number of Marine Corps General Officers (a rank of O-7 or higher) is currently limited to between a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 62. (These numbers do not include Marine Corps Generals serving in Joint Duty assignments). As the smallest of the four DoD military branches, the Marine Corps is allowed  only two four-star Generals at any given time, compared to 6 in the Navy, 7 in the Army, and 9 in the Air Force. (Note that the minimum number may be raised or lowered by the Secretary of Defense, with notification of the change provided to Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives within thirty days of such a decision being made.)

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