Part of the Marine Corps Service Uniform, the Service Cap is an optional wear item that may be prescribed by commanders in lieu of the garrison cap. Our service cap for Field-Grade Marine Corps officers feature a subdued, pin-on version of the Corp’s branch of service insignia, a modified version of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor found that serves as the Marine Corps emblem, attached in the front and center of the cap’s crown. To distinguish the wearer as an officer at a rank of O-4 to O-6 (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel), the visor features oak leaf ornamentation crafted in lustrous gold bullion. As with both service and dress caps worn by all officers, the top crown features an embroidered quatrefoil.

Until 2013, female Marines worn a different type of service cap than their male comrades. But when the lone company producing the female variant went out of business and no manufacturer offered a bid on the contract, the Corps decided the most cost-effective solution would be to authorize females to wear the male versions of both the service and dress cap.

It was admittedly a rather significant change for an organization that prizes tradition as much as the Marine Corps does, and it was made even more controversial when rumors were floated that a new service cap that had originally been designed as a replacement for the old female cap would be the new “unisex” cover. Some male Marines were taken aback at the notion they might be ordered to wear covers designed for their female counterparts, but their worries were soon dispelled when the announcement was made that the current male service and dress caps would become the single type of those items issued.

USMC Field-Grade Officer Service Cap Insignia / Accouterments
Officer Service Cap Insignia
Officer Service Cap Crown
Officer Service Cap Chin Strap
Service Cap Screw Post Buttons

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Officer Dress Cap Insignia
Officer Dress Cap Chin Strap
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