Be prepared for any contingency by keeping a pair or two of our gilt Coast Guard cap screw-buttons on hand! Used to secure black or gold chin straps to the cap frame, they’re compatible with any Combination Cap worn by Ensigns to Admirals. Whether you’re replacing a broken or dinged button or have the wisdom to realize that stranger things than losing cap buttons happen every single day, rest assured that picking up a pair of these Made-in-USA, Berry Amendment-compliant buttons is a smart move.

The design for United States Coast Guard buttons still used today was first spelled out in the Coast Guard’s first uniform manual, Regulations Governing the Uniforms for Warrant Officers and Enlisted Persons of the United States Coast Guard, published in 1916. It specified a button with a plain, smooth-burnished rim, “with an inner rim of rope design” and called for a perpendicular fouled anchor whose crown and flukes were “resting between a laurel and oak wreath, 13 leaves on each side.” Atop the anchor is an eagle, with a claw on each side of the anchor and wings spread as it rises.

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