Unlike their counterparts in the United States Navy, junior enlisted Coast Guardsmen (E-1 to E-3) are required to own a Combination Cap which is authorized for wear on all uniforms in the seabag except the Operational Dress Uniform. Both plain white cloth and vinyl crown covers may be worn on the frame, and clear plastic rain covers are authorized for wear over the cap to prevent water damage.

The Coast Guard’s enlisted cap device for the Combination Cap is a facsimile of the Coast Guard medallion and comprises a silver Coast Guard shield mounted on a gold disc with “UNITED STATES COAST GUARD” inscribed along the circumference. The disc is superimposed over two crossed, silver anchors.

On male and female Combination Caps worn by all junior Enlisted Guardsmen, the device is mounted on the circular area in the middle of the Combination Cap hatband. (The same device is also authorized for wear on the Cold Weather Cap; it is attached to the grommet hole with the front flap snapped into the upright position at all times.) On Garrison Caps, a miniature version of the device is worn only by Guardsmen in the E-1 to E-3 ratings. It’s placed on the wearer’s left side with the center of the insignia one-and-a-half inches from the bottom of the cap and its forwardmost edge two inches from the front crease.

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