Our USAF Air Force General shoulder marks are available in large and small sizes with the point-to-center, four-star insignia of grade embroidered with silver thread or with bullion. Use the drop-down selection boxes to the right to customize shoulder marks:

Size: Both large and small shoulder marks measure 2-1/8” at the base, but large shoulder marks are an inch longer (4.25” versus 3.25”) and taper to 1.75”, while small marks do not narrow quite as much (1.78”). Either size may be worn by all personnel.

Finish: We’re proud of the workmanship that goes into both types of insignia finish, but we think you’ll agree that the level of detail and precision that can be achieved with bullion makes it the hands-down choice for active-duty personnel.

Shoulder marks are worn on the epaulets found on short- and long-sleeve shirts and blouses worn with the Blue Service, Semi-Formal Dress, and Service Dress uniforms, as well as with a variety of Maternity uniforms (the Maternity Mess Dress is the only formal uniform on which shoulder marks are worn). They are also worn on the topcoat, the acrylic wool pullover sweater, and blue or white cardigan sweaters.

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