Master Sergeant shoulder marks (sometimes called “epaulets” or “epaulettes) are worn on sweaters (Black or Heritage Green Pullover, Black Cardigan), coats (Black All-Weather Coat), jackets (Black Windbreaker) and shirts (long- and short-sleeved AGSU, ASU, and Maternity). Per Army regulations, we here at The Salute Uniforms we offer shoulder marks in Large and Small sizes to accommodate the differences in the shoulder loops produced by the different manufacturers of shirts and sweaters. Pregnant soldiers wearing the Maternity tunic should button their shoulder loops over the tunic’s shoulder piece so that the shoulder marks are not obscured.

The rank of Master Sergeant was established in 1920 as part of The National Defense Act, which reduced the number of enlisted pay grades and insignias in the Army to just seven. In the process, Congress eliminated the rank of Sergeant Major, a NonCommissioned Officer position that dated back to 1779, and placed the newly created Master Sergeant rank in the highest pay grade of 1 (“enlisted man of the first grade”).

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In 1942, the Army moved the rank of First Sergeant from Grade 2 to 1, but Master Sergeant was considered the most senior NCO rank in the United States Army. The Army switched the grade system from descending to ascending numerical order in 1951, with the results that Master Sergeants were now in pay grade E-7 rather than Grade 1. Seven years later, Congress again passed legislation dramatically affecting the Army’s enlisted grade system, this time establishing two entirely new grades, E-8 and E-9, and moving Master Sergeants and First Sergeants to E-8.

Throughout all these changes, however, one thing has remained constant for Master Sergeants: the rank insignia. The design of three chevrons above an arc of three bars, with the upper bar of the arc connected to the two base points of the bottom chevron, has not changed (except for color) since it was first designed nearly 100 years ago.

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