Lieutenant General shoulder marks have three silver stars aligned to “point to V,” i.e., with a single ray of the star pointing to the collar and two rays pointing to the shoulder. Shoulder marks are worn on garments manufactured with shoulder loops to accommodate them—Service uniform shirts, Maternity shirts, and black sweaters (Cardigan and pullover). Simply unfasten the loop, slide the shoulder mark over it, then secure it by buttoning it or using the hook-and-loop (Velcro) fastener.

Shoulder marks fit shoulder loops properly when the loop’s buttons or hook-and-loop attachments are totally exposed after securing the mark. Because shoulder loops vary in length based upon manufacturer variations and the size of the garment, Army regulations mandate they be offered in a Large and a Small size. You can use the dimensions of these shoulder marks (Large is 4.25 inches long, Small is 3.25 inches) in comparison to the garment for which you are purchasing them to ensure you select the size that offers the best fit.

Customers purchasing the Large size should definitely consider upgrading to our bullion shoulder marks. Embroidered with metallic thread, the bullion insignia have cleaner lines that go far in communicating the commitment to duty and dedication to service that are the hallmarks of successful Army General Officers.

Few civilians are aware that Congress has capped not only the total number of General Officers may be commissioned in a branch of the Armed Forces at any given time, but also set numbers for the distribution of them across the four General Officer pay grades (O-7 to O-10). Title 10 § 525 sets the total number of Army Officers above the grade of Major General—Generals and Lieutenant Generals, in other words—at 46. Of those 46, only seven can hold the rank of General, in which case the number of Lieutenant Generals would be capped at 39.

However, these are not hard-and-fast figures written in stone. The Secretary of Defense can designate over 300 General and Flag Officers positions as Joint-Duty Assignments, and these will not count toward the standard, active-duty limits mentioned above.

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