Lieutenant Generals in the Army are authorized to wear any of three sizes (Regular, Medium, Miniature) of nonsubdued, pin-on metal grade insignia on the Black Beret (standard headgear for the Army Service Uniform) and the colored berets—Green, Maroon, and Tan—that are organizational issue items for Special Forces, Airborne, and Rangers personnel. The stars are worn in a point-to-point configuration centered on the beret flash, even if such a position causes some stars to extend beyond the beret. The stars are also worn on the left curtain of the Heritage Green Garrison Cap, a clothing bag issue item that is part of the Army Green Service Uniform introduced in 2018, with the leading star positioned one inch from the front crease of the cap.

Younger Soldiers and Officers might not be aware that before the introduction of the Black Beret in 2001, the Garrison Cap was the default headgear worn with the Army Service Uniform. It was green, like today's AGSU Garrison Cap, but it was manufactured in two colors (Army Green Shades 489 and 491) very different than than the new AGSU Garrison Cap (Heritage Green 564). We continue to carry both the the old green Army Service Uniform and Garrison Caps that many Veterans so closely associate with their years of service to our country. You can learn more about Garrison Caps on our Army Hats Web page, and if you’re interested in the Class A Army Green uniform you can check out our pages dedicated to the Enlisted, Officer, and General Officer versions of this all-time classic military uniform.

In the Air Force, Regular- and Medium-sized insignia featuring point-to-point configuration of the silver stars is authorized for wear on General Officer Flight Caps. Customers purchasing Major General cap rank insignia are often interested in picking up the General Officer Flight Caps at the same time; these come in Male and Female versions.

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