Often referred to simply as “chevrons,” nonsubdued sew-on insignia features chevrons embroidered on a background manufactured in one of three colors—blue, white, and Heritage Green—that match the uniform(s) with which they are to be worn. Sergeant First Class chevrons with a blue background are worn on the sleeves of the jackets of the Army Service / Dress Uniform and the Blue Mess Dress, while chevrons on a white background are sewn exclusively the jacket of the White Mess jacket, and the Heritage Green background with Heritage Tan chevrons are for the Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) Coat and shirts (short- and long-sleeved).

In addition to the three currently authorized backgrounds, we continue alsoto manufacture Sergeant First Class chevrons with a green background to support veterans seeking insignias for the discontinued (as of 30 September 2015) Class A Army Green Uniform. “Army Greens” was the Army’s primary dress uniforms for over 50 years, and is also sought after by uniform collectors and movie and TV production companies seeking authentic wardrobes for both fictional and documentary works set during those five decades.

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Sergeant First Class chevrons come in Large and Small sizes, but they are not associated with male or female uniforms (the Small was at one time designated as the “Female” size). Chevrons are sewn onto the upper half of the jacket sleeve, midway between the elbow and the shoulder seam. We offer sew-on services for your Sergeant First Class nonsubdued sew-on insignia when you purchase the Army Service Uniform for enlisted personnel or the enlisted Blue Mess Dress uniforms (or just the jackets for those uniforms), as well as for the AGSU.

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