We offer two types of embroidered bullion rank insignia for wear on the sleeves of the Blue Mess and White Mess jackets of Brigadier Generals.

First, use the Fabric selector box to the right to choose which type of uniform you wish to purchase Brigadier General rank insignia for; this determines the color of the fabric backing the entire insignia. Next, pick the method you’d prefer to attach the insignia to the sleeves. Sew-On insignia is just that: The star is sewn onto the sleeve of your Mess Dress jacket. This naturally offers the most secure attachment possible, as well as a highly professional appearance—assuming that the star was sewn on by a professional tailor or seamstress or an amateur with extensive sewing experience. Of course, should the time come to add another star to the sleeve, the star already attached will have to be removed and re-sewn in order to center both stars horizontally on the sleeve.

We call our other type of embroidered bullion insignia Clutch Back in reference to the metal clutch used to secure the pin that holds the insignia in place on the sleeve. The advantage of a Clutch Back Brigadier General insignia are obvious: Anyone can do handle attaching and removing the insignia, and the process takes just second. Arguably the only drawback to this design is that you could misplace the insignia after removing them from a jacket.

The sleeve ornamentation for Mess Dress jackets worn by General Officers is significantly different than what’s found on the jackets of Field- and Company-Grade officers. Gone is the sleeve knot, or trefoil, replaced instead by a 4-inch cuff made of blue-black braid (on the Blue Mess jacket) or white mohair or mercerized cotton braid (on the White Mess jacket) placed an eighth of inch from the bottom of the sleeve. The Blue Mess jacket features a one-inch band of oak leaves, embroidered in gold (bullion, synthetic metal, or nylon or rayon) and grouped in pairs, are attached one inch below the upper edge of the cuff. (The White Mess jacket has no oak leaves.) The Brigadier General rank insignia of a single star is centered horizontally on the outside of the sleeves) an inch above the upper edge of the cuff braid.

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