According to Navy uniform regulations, the chin strap is one of three types of insignia worn on the Combination Cap by CPOs in all three grades (E-7 to E-9) and by Junior Officers (O-1 to O-4), the other two being Cap Device and retaining buttons. Senior and Flag Officers additionally wear visor ornamentation that signifies their Officer class.

Chin straps come in three styles. Chief Petty Officers wear a 1/2-inch wide black chin strap manufactured in black patent leather or viny that is attached to the to the frame of the cap with a gold Navy eagle button. Both Commissioned Officers and Chief Warrant Officers (CWO, W-2 to W-5 pay grades) also wear a chin strap that is 1/2-inch wide and which attaches to the cap frame with a gilt Navy eagle button. And then there are Warrant Officers, pay grade WO-1. Unlike their Commissioned brethren in the WO-2 to WO-5 grades, Warrant Officers 1 are appointed, and this difference is manifested in a single, slight modification of the CWO Combination Cap chin strap: It is only 1/4-inch in width instead of the 1/2-inch chin strap of the Combo Cap for CWOs.

Except for a brief window in the early 1990s, the rank of Warrant Officer 1 was essentially disestablished by the U.S. Navy in 1975. But the need for advanced Cyber Warfare specialists led the Navy to re-establish the rank of Warrant Officer 1 on 4 June 2018 specifically to fill the need for Cyber Warrant Officers. As of Fall 2022, applicants for Cyber Warrant Officer must be Petty Officers Second Class (E-5) who have earned at least one of four NECS (H13A, H14A, H15A, or H16A) and have accumulated between six and twelve years time in service.

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