Made with Mil-Spec materials and designed to conform to all applicable Navy regulations that were in effect when the W-1 grade was eliminated, our Khaki Combination Cap is available in either a 75/25 polyester-wool blend or 100 percent Certified Navy Twill polyester. It ships with all appropriate Navy insignia mounted, including a synthetic gold chin strap, gold retaining buttons (cap screws) to secure the chin strap and mounting band, and the two gold crossed, fouled anchors that form the cap device.

Golden crossed and fouled anchors were first authorized for wear by Warrant Officers as cap insignia in 1867, when Warrants from four specialties—Boatswain, Gunner, Carpenter, and Sailmaker—began wearing the design on the front of their caps. Other Warrants at the time included Mates, who wore a single anchor embroidered in gold, and Clerks (a fouled anchor with a golden cord).

At the start of the 1970s, this style of Combination Cap was worn with a variety of khaki uniform types, including Service Dress, Service, and two Working uniforms (Working Khaki and Tropical Khaki), but only by male Warrant Officers: Females wore their own distinctive Female Khaki Combination Caps.

The Navy began phasing out the Warrant Officer rank (WO1) and pay grade (W-Q) in 1975, with the final Warrant Officer appointments used for Technical Nurses in the early 1990s. By the end of that decade, the Navy would have no personnel serving in the W-1 rank But the Navy announced in June 2018 that it was re-establishing the Warrant Officer rank and pay grade, but in only one specialty: Cyber Warrant Officer (784X). 

Applicants for appointment as a Cyber Warrant Officers (WO1) must be at least an E-5 in the Cryptologic Technician Networks rating, hold at least one required NECs (H13A, H14A, H15A, and have at least six but not more than twelve years time in service.

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