Regardless of the uniform type, Warrant Officers 1 are instantly distinguished from lower-ranked Chief Petty Offices and higher-ranked Commissioned Officers by their unique cap devices featuring the Warrant Officer 1 insignia: two golden fouled, crossed anchors. It is upon this configuration that the Navy placed a silver shield which is surmounted by a silver Navy Eagle facing dexter (to the viewer’s left).

Manufactured in Forestry Green in breathable 55/45 polywool blend, this Aviation Working Green Combination Cap for Warrant Officers 1 also has the synthetic gold chin strap that is considered part of the Cap’s insignia, along with the two gold retaining buttons that hold it in place and the aforementioned Warrant Officer 1 cap device.
The Navy disestablished the grade of W-1 in 1975, more than thirty years before it would put an end to the authorization of the Aviation Working Green uniform in 2011. Despite the elimination of the AWG, however, the demand for this stylish and iconic uniform did not fade, prompting us at The Salute Uniform to continue production of both the CPO and Officer versions of this coat. Other AWG items we sell include sleeve lacings, service stripes, rating badges, and brown leather oxford shoes.

But while the Aviation Working Green uniform's status hasn't changed since its discontinuation in 2011, the same can't be said for the rank of Warrant Officer 1 and the pay grade of W-1.

On 18 June 2018, the Navy announced in NAVADMIN 140/18 the return of the rank of Warrant Officer-1 (WO1) with the implementation of pay grade (W-1) for Cyber Warrant Officers, and in December 2018 the Navy named the first six Petty Officers slated to become the first Warrant Officers 1 in decades, with a total of eight Warrant Officer 1 candidates graduating from the Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Academy on 1 November 2019.

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