A single star above a fouled anchor and “USN” initials is the insignia of grade for the Navy’s Senior Chief Petty Officers; the star indicates it is one grade (E-8) above Chief Petty Officer (E-7). The grade was established through Congressional legislation signed into law on 1 June 1958.

Navy regulations call for Senior CPOs to wear collar grade insignia with short-sleeve shirts (i.e., the Service Khaki and Summer White uniforms), Navy Coveralls, and the Service Dress White (SDW) coat. In 2016, the Navy changed the uniform regulations so that both male and female CPOs would wear the same basic style SDW featuring a standing collar, referred to as a “choker” or Mandarin collar, but without breast pockets. The new female SDW became available at the start of 2017, and the wear-out date for the traditional lapel-style female SDW is 30 September 2020.

We offer two styles of Senior CPO collar insignia, Clutch Back and Pin Back. Please choose “Pin Back” if the insignia will be worn with the male SDW coat or the choker-style female SDW coat, and “Clutch Back” if you plan to wear it on any other uniform. The design of the Pin Back version eliminates the clutch, which can rub against the wearer’s neck and cause irritation.

Also note that Senior CPOs wore collar devices on the Aviation Working Green uniform (Staff Corps Officers also wore collar devices on the AWG uniform indicating rank and Corps affiliation). We continue to carry both Officer and CPO variations of this much-beloved uniform.

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