Display your pride of service with the Specialist tie tack designed for wear with the four-in-hand tie. It features the distinct “eagle device” found only on the Specialist insignia, with one of our nation’s iconic emblems clutching arrows that represent our country’s military might in one talon while extending the olive branch of peace in the other. The eagle’s head is facing dexter toward the olive branch, reflecting our nation’s fervent desire to seek peace whenever possible.
According to some Army documents, the tie tack is placed near the fourth button from the top of the white shirt when worn as part of the Class B Service Uniform. There is no guidance in either DA 670-1 or AR 670-1 regarding the placement of tie tacks or clasps when worn with the Army Service Uniform; both manuals merely state that a “conservative tie tack or tie clasp is authorized.”

The four-in-hand tie may worn using a four-in-hand, Windsor, or half-Windsor knot, with the bottom of the tie no more than two inches above the belt buckle nor extending past the bottom of the buckle.

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