The Sergeant Major tie tack is not a required uniform item, and indeed is barely mentioned in relevant Army uniform regulations. But Sergeant Majors are consummate professionals, and as such they should consider a tie tack an essential part of their dress-uniform wardrobe ensemble.

Mirroring the proportions of the nonsubdued sew-on insignia worn on the sleeves of the Army Service / Dress and Mess Dress (blue and white), our Sergeant Major tie tack features a dark black background that makes the golden five-pointed star at the center of the insignia stand out like a beacon, in much the same way that Sergeants Major themselves stand out as the head of all NonCommissioned Officers serving in their units.

The tie tack is authorized for wear only with the four-in-hand tie, and its placement should be adjusted according to the uniform with which the four-in-hand is being worn. When worn with the Class A Service / Dress uniform, it is appropriate to place the tie tack between the tie knot and the topmost button of the coat. When wearing the tie as part of the Class B Uniform, the tie tack should be placed near the fourth button from the top.

More Items for E-9 Sergeants Major After purchasing your tie tack, make sure that you learn how to properly tie the three knots approved for the four-in-hand: Windsor, half-Windsor, and four-in-hand. Just because the Army allows the wearing of pre-tied, clip-on ties doesn’t meant that someone who has reached the rank of Sergeant Major should do so (or even consider doing so).

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