Both the Army and Air Force authorize the wear of neckties, but the two services have varying degrees of requirements regarding their design and wear. The Army’s regulations are essentially open-ended, simply stating that a “conservative tie tack or clasp is authorized.” In the Air Force, on the other hand, the tack or clasp is required to feature either the “wing and star” design, the Air Force symbol, or rank insignia. However, regulations do authorize Flight Attendants (Air Force Specialty Code 1A6XX ) to wear a plain tie clasp so long as it is of a “moderate” design, which the rules go on to describe in details as “being within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme, in style and in good taste.

Army personnel wear the tie tack or clasp with the four-in-hand tie (this is a clothing bag issue item; you can pick up a replacement or an extra on our Web site), which must be tied with either a four-in-hand, Windsor, of half-Windsor knot. Air Force rules, on the other hand, are silent regarding the types of knots used for the tie or even the particular style of tie, focusing instead of the material used to manufacture the tie (silk or polyester) and the pattern (herringbone twill). The Air Force also mandates the length of the tie—the bottom tip must cover a portion of the belt buckle without extending below the bottom of the buckle—and the placement of the tie clasp (centered between the bottom edge of the knot and bottom tip of the tie).

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary authorizes the wear of silver tie clasps with the Coast Guard Blue four-in-hand tie worn the Service Dress Blue, Winter Dress Blue, and Tropical Blue uniforms.

Please use the following links to view the various ties we offer for the different branches of the Armed Forces of the United States:

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Marine Corps: Four-in-Hand Khaki Tie, Pre-Tied Clip-on Four-in-Hand
Navy: Black Four-in-Hand Tie, Pre-Tied Clip-On Version
Coast Guard: Blue Four-in-Hand Tie, Clip-on
Coast Guard Auxiliary: Blue Four-in-Hand Tie, Clip-on

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