We offer the subdued First Sergeant (E-8) rank insignia in a variety of formats to accommodate the different types of garments upon which it might be worn, so please verify your selection in the drop-down box to the right before continuing shopping or beginning the checkout process.

Choose “Rank with Velcro” for First Sergeant rank insignia with hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro) backing; these are worn on Velcro face pads on various Utility uniforms such as the Army Combat Uniform, the A2CU (Army Aircrew Combat Uniform), and others.

“Cap Rank” features the First Sergeant insignia embroidered onto a piece of camouflage-patterned cloth that is sewn directly onto the Patrol Cap and other headgear. Note: You will bear the cost of having this insignia sewn onto the Patrol Cap, but the Army must pay for any sewing expenses associated with attaching it to the camouflage cover of the helmet.

Select “Gortex” for a First Sergeant rank insignia designed with an opening at the bottom that allows it to be slid over the front tab of the Gore-Tex parka, officially designated the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) jacket.

Pattern lets you choose the insignia's camouflage pattern so it matches your uniform. The UCP pattern was introduced first, butnow ACUs using this pattern have a wear-out date of 30 September 2019. OCP came along in 2015, and by 1 October 2019 Army personnel must wear ACUs and utility uniforms with this pattern.

The diamond-shaped figure found in the center field of the First Sergeant insignia is a heraldic charge, or device, known as a “lozenge.” Although the United States Air Force adopted it for use for the insignia worn by various Sergeants (E-7 to E-9) appointed to positions (not ranks) “First Sergeant,” it was first debuted in the Army—a full century before the Air Force was even established.

In Revised Regulations for the Army published in May, 1847, we see that, just as today, all grades of Sergeant feature three chevrons; higher grades of Sergeant are indicated by the addition of other elements such as rockers (for Sergeants Major) and ties—think “railroad ties” connecting the two ends of an upward-pointing chevon—for Quartermaster Sergeants.

And it’s here, on page 211, that we see the first use of a lozenge in a military insignia, for a First Sergeant—and ever since that time the rank has been associated with the diamond-shaped device that was introduced with no explanation and no foundation to form even a halfway reasonable one—except for one that is hiding in plain sight: In heraldry, the lozenge is a mark of distinction and, according to the Institute of Heraldry, is “to indicate achievement.”

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