While a Unit’s CSIB and Unit Patch remain identical, the unit's crest almost invariably differs from both. It features the unit’s motto framed across the bottom. “HONOR VALOR AND SECURITY.” The motto is a reminder of the 66th’s mission, from its beginning in World War II to the present day, where it assists the U.S. by gathering information on its enemies in Europe, Africa, and in the Middle East. The unit was originally designated as a Counter-Intelligence Corp in 1944 to protect against German spies coming in amongst French refugees fleeing from places that were still under Nazi Control. The heraldry upon the crest also reflects its mission. In heraldic form, the sphinx symbolizes omniscience and secrecy—an excellent fit for a brigade that, throughout history, has gathered intelligence for friendly forces and foiled the spies of its enemies. It is a traditional symbol in Military Intelligence, as it tends to represent wisdom and discreet silence as well. The chequy represents the unit’s tactical and strategical abilities in the field of counter-intelligence. The two hexagons within one another act as a reflection of the unit’s numerical designation, “66.” Six within six.

The crest was originally approved for the 66th Military Intelligence Group in July 1969. It was then re-designated for the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade October 1986. In 2002 it was then re-designated  when the unit changed the name back to the Group in 2002. The final re-designation came in 2009, when the unit took on its current name. It’s current headquarters are in Wiesbaden Army Airfield, Germany.

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