Nonsubdued pin-on rank insignia for First Lieutenants is worn almost exclusively on the black all-weather coat, the black windbreaker, and beret flashes. Army regulations (DA 670-1) state that the pin-on insignia is to be worn on the shoulder loops of these two outerwear garments, but does not provide guidance as to placement on the shoulder loops. (When they were worn with the now-obsolete Class A Army Green uniform, pin-on metal insignia were centered between outer edge of the shoulder loop button and the shoulder loop seam.) The black all-weather coat may be worn with civilian clothing if the rank insignia are removed.

All Officers and Warrant Officers wear the nonsubdued pin-on insignia on the beret flash, but Generals have the option of choosing from full, medium or miniature-sized stars on the beret, and the stars are allowed to overlap beyond the flash if necessary. Learn more about the beret and its insignia here.

Pin-on 1st Lieutenant insignia is also authorized for wear on the sleeves of the White Mess and Blue Mess jackets, centered in the area formed by the two lower ends of the trefoil knot meeting the sleeve braid (see Refer to Figure 14–9 in DA 670-1). But embroidered rank insignia provides a more consistent appearance in relation to the other embroidered sleeve ornamentation and is preferred by the majority of officers. At The Salute Uniforms, we offer First Lieutenant embroidered bullion rank insignia that can be sewn directly onto the sleeve or attached by pins on the back of the embroidered insignia that are secured with a clutch mechanism similar to what you find on the back of lapel pins. Read more or purchase a set here.

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