The First Lieutenant nonsubdued cap rank insignia is worn centered on the beret flash. Since 1872, a single silver bar has served as the rank insignia for 1st Lieutenants in the Army and for all officers in the O-2 grade in the other branches of the United States Armed Forces. Following the introduction of the black beret as the standard headgear for the combat uniform in 2001 and the Army Service Uniform in 2004, the 1LT insignia is worn centered on the beret flash. (The black beret was replaced by the Patrol Cap as standard combat uniform headgear in 2011.)

Before the somewhat unexpected switch to the black beret, this pin-on metal 1LT insignia was worn on the Garrison Cap, which was originally introduced in France as the “Overseas Cap” during World War I. When it was issued, officers wore their rank of insignia on the left side of the “curtain,” the upturned lower portion of the cap. In 1956, the Garrison Cap became part of the Class A Army green uniform, and was much beloved because of its low maintenance and easy storage.

Garrison Caps were made obsolete with the move to the black beret—a switch that was decried by some Army personnel because that particular color beret had been worn solely by U.S. Army Rangers up to that point in time. Here at The Salute Uniforms, we continue to offer both Garrison Caps and insignia to be worn on them so that veterans can honor the memory of their service to our country by bringing the cap up to the regulations that were in place during their Army careers.

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