The unit patch of the 113th Field Artillery Brigade is identical to its Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB), save that the unit patch is in monochrome. The unit patch was approved shortly after the unit took on the designation of the 113th Field Artillery Brigade in 1978. The patch was approved two years later, in 1980. It serves to highlight the unit’s history and heritage.
    The cannon barrel in the center is a symbol of both leadership and bravery, as well as a reminder of the unit’s artillery designation. The six stacked cannonballs also serve the same purpose. They also represent the unit’s capabilities in combat and its readiness for said combat. The symbol of the stacked cannonballs can also be seen present in the 113th Field Artillery Brigade’s unit crest. It is the one detail that can be seen in the unit’s patch, crest, and CSIB. The unit crest also bears the 113th’s motto, which does not appear anywhere else. It is “Honor Valor Victory”, qualities that the men of the 113th have always strived to emulate, on and off the battlefield. At the top right, the striking hornet references the long history with the state of North Carolina. The original activation of the unit was in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1926. The unit was created as the 252nd Coast Artillery, a part of the North Carolina National Guard. Today, the unit still serves the NC National Guard from Greensboro, though it has served its country in other ways as well, such as when it deployed to the campaign of Northern France in the second World War.

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