We offer Lance Corporal pin-on metal rank insignia in gold-plated or black metal. Gold-plated Lance Corporal pin-on chevrons are worn on the epaulettes of the Blue Sweater that’s authorized as an optional wear item with the Blue Dress “C” (Charley) uniform.

Black pin-on Lance Corporal insignia, on the other hand, are worn on a variety of uniforms and garments. On coats (Utility, All-Weather, Maternity Work Uniform) and organizational clothing including (but not limited to) coveralls and aviation clothing, the black Lance Corporal rank insignia are worn on the collars. For the Tanker Jacket and Green Service Sweater, the black insignia are placed on the epaulettes, while the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System parka features a space on the zipper flap where a single black Lance Corporal is centered.
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On the All-Weather Coat, Maternity Work Uniform Coat, Utility Coat, and miscellaneous organizational clothing items such as coveralls, aviation clothing, etc, the black Lance Corporal insignia is worn vertically on both collars with chevrons pointing up and with the center of the insignia on a line that bisects the angle of the collar points. The insignia is properly placed when its lower outside edges are each spaced a half-inch from the side of the collar.

Although the Marine Corps’ rank of Lance Corporal dates back well into the 19th century, it was not designated an official rank and given an insignia consisting of a single chevron until 1912. Just five years later, though, USMC Commandant George Barnett asked the Secretary of the Navy to authorize the grade of Private First Class, and following approval of that request the rank of Lance Corporal ceased to be officially used. However, the long history of the “in-between” Lance Corporal rank made it difficult to wipe away overnight. USMC Uniform Regulations continued to list the rank and its single-chevron insignia up until 1929, and at least one USMC historian claimed that Privates were being detailed as Lance Corporals up until 1937.

As part of its 1958 overhaul of the enlisted rank system to accommodate the new authorized pay grades of E-8 and E-9, the Marine Corps decided to reintroduce Lance Corporal as an official rank in the pay grade of E-3 with an insignia of one stripe (chevron) with crossed rifles below it. Previously, Corporals had been in the E-3 pay grade and wore two stripes; during the transition to the new rank structure, E-3 Corporals were designated as “Acting Corporals” and continued to wear the two stripes as “new” E-4 Corporals until they were promoted to the three-stripe rank of Sergeant.

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