Manufactured to meet or exceed all Mil-Spec standards, our USAF Women’s Mess Dress Skirt is made with Air Force shade 1583 Poly-Wool and features a side-split to the top of the knee, making it both fashionable and functional. The Women’s Mess Dress Uniform is worn at social functions that are formal or official (black tie); its civilian equivalent is an evening gown. Although only officers are required to purchase the Women’s Mess Dress Uniform, enlisted personnel who are serious about their dedication to the service and their careers should consider it an essential part of their wardrobe.

Several uniform components are mandatory when wearing the Women’s Mess Dress Uniform and Skirt: the white, formal long-sleeve blouse; blue satin inverted-V tie tab with self-fastening tails; and blue satin cummerbund (worn pleats up around the waist, midway between the skirt and the blouse). Although all Air Force personnel are strongly encouraged to wear occupational badges reflecting their current assignment, the wear of the Chaplain (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist) Aeronautical, Space, Cyberspace (Operator or Support), and Missile Operations badges is required.

Cuff links, on the other hand, are optional, but when worn they should be paired with matching studs. Approved cuff-link designs include the wing-and-star (Hap Arnold device), the Air Force symbol, or plain silver, highly polished.
Side Slit

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