November 2009 saw a major realignment of the United States Air Force’s specialty codes with the creation of the 3DXXX Cyberspace Support career field. Established in response to the almost exponential growth in the use and importance of cyber warfare and related technologies, the Cyberspace Support field drew its first members—over 43,000 enlisted personnel in all—from three former fields: Communications-Computer Systems (3C), Communications-Electronics (2E), and Knowledge Operations Management (3A).

Cyberspace Support is divided into two specialties, Cyberspace Operations (3D0) and Cyberspace Systems (3D1). Cyberspace Operations comprises four Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC): Knowledge Operations Management, Cyber Systems Operation, Cyber Surety, and Computer Systems Programming. Cyberspace Systems is made up of seven AFSCs including Client Systems, RF Transmission Systems, Ground Radar Systems, Airfield Systems, Cable and Antenna Systems, Spectrum Operations, and Cyber Transport.

The Cyberspace Support occupational badge created for personnel in these specialties replaced three badges: Maintenance (2E), Information Management (3A), and Communications (3C).

In December 2010, fifteen officers completed the first cyberspace training course ever offered by the Air Force, a 24-week undergraduate program held at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. They were among the 3,000 officers transitioned from the 33S specialty, Communications and Information, to the new career field.

Awarded at basic, senior, and master levels, the Cyberspace Support badge has the same eligibility criteria as other occupational badges. Enlisted personnel may wear the badge after finishing technical school and earn the right to wear the senior badge after being awarded the 7-skill level. Master badges are awarded to Master Sergeants who have at least five years of experience in the specialty at the 7-skill level or higher. Chief Master Sergeants who have cross-flowed into the career field earn the basic badge when they’re awarded the CEM code, moving up to the senior badge after a year of service and to the master level after five years.

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