The E-8 First Sergeant embroidered chevrons are worn on a host of uniforms and come in two sizes, Large (4-inch) and Small (3.5-inch). Use the drop-down selection boxes to the right to choose the appropriate chevrons for your uniform needs. Male First Sergeants wear Large chevrons except on the Long- and Short-Sleeved Shirts; female First Sergeants are almost always allowed to choose between sizes except on shirts and blouses (Small) and Maternity Uniforms and variations. Large chevrons are mandated for the Chef’s coat and the Ceremonial Band Tunic worn by both men and women.

The ABU style chevrons are worn exclusively on the Airman Battle Uniform (Men wear Large, women may wear Large or Small). Note that the Air Force is currently phasing out the ABU and replacing it with the OCP utility uniform; mandatory OCP wear date is 1 April 2021 (use the "OCP/ABU Rank Insignia" link below to view or purchase the E-8 First Sergeant OCP insignia.) Dress Blue chevrons are worn on all other uniforms calling for sew-on shoulder ranks.

More E-8 First Sergeant Insignia and Devices
Senior Noncommissioned Officers (E-7 to E-9) wearing an insignia with a diamond added in the blue field are called First Sergeant regardless of the pay grade in which they are currently serving. The insignia is sometimes described by its appearance, i.e., an E-8 First Sergeant insignia is often called a “Senior Master Sergeant with Diamond” insignia. Diamonds were added to the standard pay grade insignia to denote First Sergeants in 1954, primarily at the request of officials from the Strategic Air Command and Air Training Command.

First Sergeants in the E-8 pay grade serve as the conduit between the Commander and Staff and enlisted Airmen, bringing their concerns regarding unit morale, preparedness, health, well-being, professional development opportunities, and other needs to Officers who can use that information to craft policies and administrative functions to address any problems and optimize unit efficiency, performance, and esprit de corps. Conversely, they take time to explain the Commander’s goals, policies, and objectives to the Enlisted cadre so they can derive a more complete picture of the unit’s capabilities and mission.

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