The E-8 First Sergeant rank insignia used for this handsome tie tack / clasp is the same design worn by Senior Master Sergeants (also E-8), but with a diamond-shaped symbol called a lozenge placed in the space between the upward- and downward-pointing chevrons.

Both the tack and clasp are tasteful additions to uniforms for which the necktie is mandated or permitted. They are worn centered on the necktie equidistant from the bottom of the tie know and tip of the tie. Aside from lapel pins, tie tacks and tie clasps are the only uniform components featuring rank insignia that may be worn with civilian clothing.

From the time the position of First Sergeant was established in the E-8 grade until 2002, it was an occupation manned solely by volunteers who would be retrained specifically for the duties and responsibilities entailed by being the direct conduit between Enlisted personnel and a commander to ensure Airmen’s concerns regarding morale, safety, professional development, health, and safety could be voiced and heard.

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Beginning in October of 2002, however, the First Sergeant position was changed to a “Special Duty Assignment” along the lines of Honor Guard, Academy Military Training NCO, and Military Training Instructor, and while volunteers were still accepted, any shortfall would be met by selecting the most qualified non-volunteers for the three-year tour. NCOs serving as First Sergeants may apply for a second tour, but their acceptance is based strictly on Air Force needs.

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