The distinctive E-7 First Sergeant chevrons are issued in Large and Small sizes and in two styles: ABU (for wear only on the Airman Battle Uniform) and what we refer to as “Dress Blue” for all other types of uniforms and garments. The Airman Battle Uniform is in the process of being phased out as the Air Force’s primary utility uniform, with a final wear date of 31 March 2021. If you’ve already replaced your ABU with the OCP, you can click here to purchase the appropriate E-7 First Sergeant OCP chevrons.

Female Airmen are given the option of Large or Small chevrons on a host of uniforms, while Large chevrons are required on the jackets of the Men’s Mess Dress, Service Dress, and ABU, as well as on men’s outwear garments (Topcoat, All-Weather Coat, Lightweight Blue Jacket; they are also the only option for the Chef’s coat and the Ceremonial Band Tunic. Small chevrons, on the other hand, are always worn on shirt and blouse sleeves, centered either between the shoulder seam and elbow (on long-sleeve shirts) or between the shoulder seam and the bottom of the sleeve (short-sleeve). Detailed instructions are found in AFI 36-2903.

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In the United States Air Force, highly qualified Master Sergeants are chosen for the special Senior Noncommissioned Officer position of First Sergeant. A job rather than a rank, First Sergeants are in the same pay grade (E-7) as Master Sergeants, but their focus is to serve as enlisted advisors to commanders, assisting them with input on a variety of issues—morale, health, discipline, professional training and development, welfare, and more—they can affect mission efficacy.

To identify Master Sergeants selected to serve as First Sergeants, the Air Force approved the addition of a diamond, referred to as a lozenge in heraldry, to the E-7 chevrons. The insignia change was approved in 1954 by Air Force Chief of Staff General Nathan Twining.

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