The E-7 rank of Master Sergeant has been in place since the Air Force was created through the National Defense Act of 1947, but it was not until 1992 that the rank’s current insignia—two bottom “rockers,” three stripes surmounted by an Air Force star, and crested with an upward-facing chevron—began to be worn. The fact that the Master Sergeant rank is the first step on the rung of the Senior Noncommissioned Officer ladder is denoted by the single upward chevron; each successive pay grade adds an upward chevron to the insignia.

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Embroidered cloth Master Sergeant chevrons come in two styles—“Dress Blue” with white stripes and “ABU" with subdued, darkened colors—and in Large and Small sizes. On long-sleeve garments, the insignia is placed on the outer arm, pointing upward and centered between the shoulder seam and the bend of the elbow; on short-sleeve shirts it’s centered between the shoulder seam and the bottom of the sleeve.

More E-7 Master Sergeant Insignia and Devices Choose the ABU option in the Style selection box to the right for an insignia for wear with the Airman Battle Uniform; select Dress Blue for an insignia for any other uniform, shirt, or coat. Large chevrons are four inches in height, Small are three-and-half inches. Uniform regulations give female Airmen the option of wearing either size on a variety of uniforms, including but not limited to the Women’s Mess Dress, the Airman Battle Uniform, and the Modified Service Dress uniform worn by members of Air Force Bands), while Men’s uniform jackets typically call for Large chevrons and their shirts require Small. Only Large chevrons are worn on the Chef’s Coat and the Ceremonial Band Tunic.

Please note that the Air Force is in the process of phasing out the Airman Battle Uniform and replacing it with the Operational Camouflage Pattern utility uniform by 1 April 2021. Use the "OCP/ABU Rank Insignia" link below to purchase Master Sergeant chevrons for the OCP uniform.

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