Command Chief Master Sergeant chevrons are authorized in two styles. The subdued variant is worn only with the Airman Battle Uniform and features dark-blue chevrons, while the style with white chevrons (“Dress Blue” in the drop-down selection box) is worn with all other uniforms and garments. (The Airman Battle Uniform is currently being phased out and replaced with the Operational Camouflage Pattern utility uniform, or OCP uniform for short. It requires chevrons in a different color and attachment scheme than those used on ABUs. Command Chief Master Sergeants should click here to view the different OCP chevron options currently available.)

The chevrons worn by Command Chief Master Sergeants (CCMs) also come in two sizes, with male CCMs wearing the Large four-inch chevrons on all uniforms except the Class B Blue Service Uniform (i.e., Short- and Long-Sleeve shirts). Female CCMs have the option of Large or Small (three-and-a-half-inch) chevrons on all uniforms except Maternity uniform variations and shirts and blouses. Both male and female CCMs wear the Large chevrons on the Ceremonial Band Tunic and Chef’s coat.

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The roots of the E-9 special position of Command Chief Master Sergeant can be traced to the rapid technological advances in military technology during the 1950s and the declining re-enlistment figures experienced by the Air Force and other branches of the U.S Armed Forces. In 1956, an investigation by Congress’ Cordiner Committee revealed only one-fifth of Airmen were re-enlisting, and those who were re-upping had spent nearly half of their first tour in training, not mastering weaponry or developing leadership skills. Congress responded by establishing the pay grades of E-8 and E-9, Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant.

The Senior Noncommissioned Officers in these grades were highly experienced technical experts who had also displayed proven leadership capabilities, making them perfectly suited to serve as advisors to Commanding officers at high-level Air Force organizations such as Wings, Numbered Air Forces, Direct Reporting Units, and Major Commands. In 1998, this function was formalized into a new position when CMSgts who had been serving as advisors at those levels were redesignated Command Chief Master Sergeants. To distinguish them from Chief Master Sergeants and from CMSgts serving as First Sergeants, a star was placed in the middle of the insignia’s blue field.

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