Whether ashore or afloat, Aviation Boatswain's Mates, Aircraft Handling (ABH) direct the spotting and movement of aircraft, maintain and operate ground-handling equipment that moves and hoists aircraft, handle crash rescue and removal duties, perform firefighting, and assist in the launch and recovery of aircraft. Sailors with an ABH rating will work as Aircraft Directors, Crash and Salvage Fire Fighters, or Air Operations Technicians.

The safe movement of aircraft—whether on flight decks, hangar decks, or at shore facilities—is the job of Aircraft Directors. For Aircraft Director’s serving aboard an aircraft carrier, one of the most important tools at their disposal is the ouija board, a replica of the ship’s flight deck and hangar deck. Scaled at 1/16 of inch to one foot (192:1), the ouija board resembles a two-tiered coffee table, with scale-model aircraft placed on the top tier indicating their presence on the flight deck (model planes on the lower tier are in the hangar deck). Common office and utility items such as nuts and bolts or thumbtacks are used to indicate a plane’s armament, mission status, or maintenance requirements; these items vary from carrier to carrier. Though seemingly low-tech, the ouija board system has one indisputable quality—it is immune to power outages.

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