One of the jobs available in the ABH rating is Crash and Salvage Firefighter. This is a case where the name almost says it all: duties include response to any emergencies involving aircraft, firefighting, and carrying out rescue and salvage procedures crafted for each type of shipboard aircraft. Emergency situations may require jettisoning aircraft, which in turn might necessitate the need for water salvage.

An ABH with the job of Crash and Salvage Firefighter holds the classification of Shipboard Aircraft Rescue, Firefighting, and Salvage Specialist, and directs any rescue, salvage, or firefighting operations that take place on either the hangar deck or flight deck. Working with Damage Control (DC) teams, an ABH Crash and Salvage Firefighter is responsible for setting up training in rescue, firefighting, and salvage procedures, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of any equipment used in those tasks.

Regardless of the rating (ABE, ABF, ABH), all Aviation Boatswain’s Mates who reach E-9 receive a new rating of ABCM, Master Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate. An AB must hae served at least three years as a Senior Chief Petty Officer before becoming eligible for the ABCM rating.

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